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We have paired our high quality Organic Cannabis with 7 Organic herbs for a longer lasting, smooth burn. 70% Cannabis 30% herbs

When medical marijuana became legal in Massachusetts it made it possible for dispensaries like Revolutionary Clinics to sell edibles and topicals that had never been available before. As much as patients of all ages and levels of experience appreciate these products, believe it or not, flower has been our most popular medical marijuana product since Day 1. The primary reason for this is speed – inhaling medical marijuana vapor is the fastest way to feel the effects. And for new patients who have never smoked before, the easiest and most cost-effective way to give medical marijuana a try is the good old-fashioned joint.

All Revolutionary Clinics pre-rolls feature hemp and rice papers that burn smoother than traditional rolling papers made from wood pulp. At the tip of each pre-roll where you would typically see a filter in a regular cigarette, you’ll find the “crutch”. A crutch can be made of folded hemp paper, wood pulp or even glass and serves two purposes – 1) a crutch catches physical particulate and prevents it from getting in your mouth. 2)  a crutch puts some distance between your lips and your smoking material so you don’t get burned and you don’t waste any product.